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Proposed additions or modifications to the Huishoudelijkregelement should be added here.

Reforming committees

This is part of a broader ongoing effort to foster a restored sense of communal ownership and responsibility over TechInc among the members, and to reduce the appearance that any given group within TechInc has special privileges beyond that suggested by the Rules: "Yes, you may".

All official TechInc committees should be established by ALV vote or chartered by the board. In the absence of rules and policy around committee formation, committees have been formed whose role and membership are poorly defined, and which suggest an official process for certain activities, e.g. scheduling an event.

The auditing committee is not defined by the house rules, but by the statutes as the "auditing commission". The terms "committee" and "commission" are interchangeable by law, but the committee should be renamed to the "auditing commission" to avoid confusion in English. This does not require a change to the house rules.

Proposed addition text, section Committees:

Committees are formed either by ALV vote or charter of the board. Committees formed by ALV shall have their purpose, scope of interest, and membership policy defined by the house rules. If the board charters a committee, it shall inform the association at the ALV and state the committee's purpose and scope of interest. All committees shall have a wiki page which documents (at a minimum) its internal policies and current membership.

Some additional clean-up to the existing committees:

Media committee

Clean-up, typo fixes, and make the voting and membership policy explicit.

Replace existing text with:

The Media Committee is responsible for communication and outreach via our online presences; primarily social media networks. The scope of this committee is defined by SocialMediaPolicy, which may be amended by vote at the ALV.

The membership of this committee is established or amended by majority vote at an ALV for an indefinite term. Members of the Media Committee may step down at any time.

Additionally, the Media Committee's wiki page needs to be amended to include the committee's current roster.

Events committee

This committee was not established by vote, but chartered by the board. This proposal calls on the board to dissolve it.

--Ddevault (talk) 12:20, 13 February 2023 (CET)

Pending HR-rules from 'Space Rules' vote

  • Do not create or be a fire hazard. (1)
  • Don't use power tools unless you've had a safety briefing on them first. Don't defeat or hack safety features/equipment. (2)
  • Respect fellow members, their privacy and their possessions. (6)
  • No sleeping in the space. (7)

Note: these were voted in on principle; not the then current reading; thus not included in HHR yet for that reason.

Result from ALV on 26th January 2014

Use of space

Access to the space should be inclusive. Members should always be able to use the space and not be excluded from events.

Cleaning of the space

How can we keep the space clean and encourage cleaning on a more regular basis? The idea of a cleaner was already voted against at a previous alv.

Sponsoring by non-members

Sponsoring of techinc is possible, general concensus last few times this came up was that gifts are always welcome but will receive nothing in return (other than a lot of thanks :)) See also the Friend-of-Techinc construction proposed below.

Friend-of-Techinc construction

It was suggested that there be a 'friend of techinc' status where one can donate (perhaps regularly) without voting rights or possibilities of a key/fob. This would be intended for those who want to support techinc without being active members. Is this necessary? donations are always accepted anyways, but perhaps people prefer having an 'official' friend-of-techinc status.

Annual Membership vs Monthly Payments

The problem

(based on email from justa)

Our statues are designed for an association where memberships are for FULL YEARS (until the end of the BOOKYEAR).

This is contrary to how we (most likely) would like to handle this. I think we want to be able to 'conclude' that people:

  • Have stopped being a member after having not paid their fees for $x months in a row; either by decision or neglect
  • Have their 'member-perks' retracted upon that moment until such a time that they've paid, in full, their due fees.
  • Do NOT have to keep paying until the end of some particular period; be it 'a year since they first became a member' or 'the end of the fiscal/natural year' or whatever.

A Proposal

(rejected; left here for reference in case concern returns) (based on email from phicoh):

One option is to have a low annual membership fee and then having a higher 'service fee'. The service fee is then for the right to have 24x7 access to the space and using the tools in the space unsupervised.

Canceling the membership would require paying at least the low annual membership fee and waiving part of the service that corresponds to the membership fee for the rest of the year.

If we set for example the membership fee to EUR 60 per year, then everybody can pay the membership fee without any exceptions, and the board can waive the service fee for those who are short on money.