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20140802 212923.jpg
Participants Narya
Skills Sewing
Status Finished
Niche Sewing
Purpose Fun

My previous tarp was eaten by mice, and because the design of a tarp is fairly easy I'd like to make one myself. Can be used as shed in front of the tent or as an emergency tent.

Examples of tarp designs

The Custom_Tent project has links to fabric stores.



  • 23 Jan 2014: cut the fabric based on the HEXtarp design
  • 19 Jun 2014:
    • Sewed the two pieces together with this type of seam
    • Seam
    • Seamed the edges
    • Attached the smaller webbing to the wider webbing, with a D-ring on it
    • D-ring
    • Sewed six of these on the tarp, this can be used to hang the tarp from a tree or something
    • Cut pieces of the Oxford polyester to cover the corners and sandwiched webbing with a D-ring between the fabric
    • Strengthening the corners
  • Finished and in use \o/
    • Tarp at Haxogreen