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Skills Networking
Status Dormant
Niche Community
Purpose World domination


ChaosVPN is a VPN initiative by CCC Hamburg to interconnect hackers: ChaosVPN

Currently Nyancat is connected to this network, a vlan will be made available to the TechInc network so people can access it and/or provide services on it. If desired we can also NAT to it.

IP Space

ChaosVPN can do V4 and V6, currently our setup only offers V4. we have the subnet available for our space as is registered here: ChaosVPN IPRanges

You can claim your own IP within the subnet when using VLAN ID 9, when you do, use DHCP or claim an IP on the wiki by making a machine page.

Source routing

If you want to be on ChaosVPN but also on the TechInc network, you can follow the following steps to do source based routing: (for debian) add to /etc/iproute2/rt_tables

10    chaosvpn

make a small script in /root/

/sbin/ip route add default via $TARGET table $TABLEID
/sbin/ip rule add from $SOURCE table $TABLEID

make it executable:

chmod +x /root/

Suggested for /etc/network/interfaces

auto eth0.9
iface eth0.9 inet static
    mtu 1200
    vlan-raw-device eth0
    address 172.31.186.x
    post-up /root/ 172.31.186.x

Where x is your machine ID, or use whatever your IP you ended up with.

Or take a look at:

If you want to do target based, take a look at for which subnets exists or use as your default gateway.