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TechInc ALV 2016, March 13


Number of people present, number of proxy votes, guests?

Start time: 20:05.

13 people present

Quroum is 7

20:07 - person joins.

Quorum now 8

Approving the notes from the previous meeting

11 yes 2 abstain


Finalizing agenda (any new points?)

No further issues


Report from the board

Justa reports

102 members: - 38 payments over due - 64 on time

Overdue still somewhat high because the board has not sent reminders for two months.

We had a 'clean up' session, so even though the amount seems similar to the last ALV/report (100), we got a lot of new members -- but others left / were 'pruned'.

2000 Euro debt. This was loaned to us to pay for the deposit. Due date is end of this year (31-12-2016)

Cash flow on drinks:

  • November 2015 - Now (1200) went in (and out?) of revbank.

Drinks are still (somewhat) a likely positive income/inflow.

There have been no complains, no strange movements inside the board.

Board is working on getting a 'inboedel verzekering'.

Confusion about liability insurance, because the 'inboedel verzekering' is not the same as liability insurance -- so we should get that as well.

Financial report 2015

See the report. Main takeaways:

  • Windows income and expeses are because TechInc paid for the windows


 and later was paid back by the pledge for the Windows.
  • We got about 900 euro and 42 cents from "Heer & Meester".

Appointing Kascontrolecommissie 2015 (Barbara, Marcel, Piele)

14 in favour of appointing the Kascontrole commissie.

Report from the Kascontrolecommissie

Advice is to approve the financial report of 2015.

14 in favour.

Report approved.

Appointing new kascontrolecommissie 2016

Barbera, Marcel, Piele, Branko volunteer to be in the next financial committee, they will check the report of 2016 in the start of 2017.

Membership fees

Justa: Every year we have to determine the yearly membership fee. (This is not actually in the statutes, so we are actually not required to do this, and this point ended on the agenda due to miscommunication.

14 in favour of skipping this point.

The board proposes to keep the current fee structure (a minimum of 5 euro per month, a recommended fee of 25 euro per month)


Board Elections

Mattronix and Wizzup have to step down. Both are up for re-election.

People running for board:

  • Mattronix
  • Wizzup

Voting committee:

  • cmpxchg
  • piele
  • branko
    • Both Wizzup and Mattronix have been elected into the board.**

Report from dispute committee

Some stuff came up, but no resolution is going on. Webmind states that people should not email the board, and the board states that sometimes people email the board with an issue, but the board then always whoever states a complaint is told to contact the dispute committee.

Committee members:

  • cmpxchg
  • The Jinx
  • voidz0r
  • Einstein
  • webmind

voidz0r is still on there, but the committee has not been able to contact him.

Votable points

Should resolution group be 5 members, minimally 5 members or maximum 5 members? (currently 5 members) (webmind)

Justa introduces the point.

Webmind elaborates:

  • Members come in and leave, and some members are currently not active.
  • Currently there are five members, and we need five members, so the


 is in a tight position right now.

Webmind suggests a minimal of 3, not 5.

Votes cast:

1) Max. 5 members (current) 2) Min. 5 members 3) Min. 3 members

    • CORRECTION: Currently the group is set to min & max 3**
    • DOUBLE CORRECTION: Currently the group is set to min & max 5, but this

was not properly documented**.

This is "Unhandy" according to Justa.

The points that can be voted on:

Minimum of three voted in, with 13 votes in favour and 1 abstainee.

Electing more dispute resolution group members (webmind)

Nobody seems interested in joining. Feel free to state interest at a later point, and then you can be voted in at the next ALV.

Introduction of a term for dispute resolution group members. (webmind)

It is useful to have a term, because right now people who are unreachable cannot be removed from the group.

Yes: 14 No: 0 Abstain: 0

Justa suggests that people who vote no, should skip ALVs more often.

2 year term or 3 year term (webmind) 21:18, 12 February 2017 (CET)21:18, 12 February 2017 (CET)21:18, 12 February 2017 (CET)21:18, 12 February 2017 (CET)21:18, 12 February 2017 (CET)21:18, 12 February 2017 (CET)21:18, 12 February 2017 (CET)~

2 years: 11 3 years: 2 Abstain: 1

Any other business

Membership procedures

Justa: We have had an issue in the board where it may be useful to have a system in place to: (worded freely) Guard against some people becoming a member of the space if they may be destructive to the space.

This came up at some point, and said person did not become a member, so "nothing happened", but it made us think about this subject.

Currently the board can deny a person membership, and also take away membership. Currently there is no procedure for a person to appeal being denied membership.

Hamish asks what happens is someone is denied membership -- how do you appeal that decision.

Open hackerspaces day

It is in the 26th, do we want to participate?

Facebook privacy policy

With the currently Facebook privacy policy, you are not longer allowed to have it on your phone / device when you are in the space.

Remark by Webmind on members mailing list: Small addition/clarification on this:

There was a rumour facebook was now doing this by default/non-optional, without a source there is no clarity on that. So I would say people should just try to know what their devices are doing, devices wanting to listen to background sounds are not a new thing, just try to know whether any devices you carry do this or not.

Extra clarification: This was not an introduction of a new rule, it was not a votable point, it was only something that was -mentioned- in the closing of the ALV, it carries no value outside it being a statement that seems to have been made. (mind that these are the raw and unapproved notes).

ALV Closed 21:30