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nickname thomascovenant (OFTC)
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What's new

Jalkanen Dina Solveig, friendly geek in Amsterdam.

Head of Ticket and Entrance team at SHA2017, RustFest and Finnish hacker event Disobey orga. Recent addition to ICANN

My first programming language was Fortran, and my latest interest was Sailfish OS. I do not despise LAMP. Death before front-end applies.

At the moment I am experiencing Arduino overflow.

At Techinc I've discovered I quite like the woodwork as well. When I want to relax, I translate strings to Finnish and Russian for Tor family, FusionDirectory and random Localization Lab projects.

SubgraphOS fan.

Happy member of Toool NL, sometimes at chaos Amsterdam meetings

When in Helsinki, you can catch me at open source group meetings. I prefer to spend Christmas alone at congress buildup, you should try it as well.

Thomas Covenant was a handle of LOD member in New York, 1988-89.

Please note: thomascovenant is not connected to the Stephen R. Donaldson's fiction series, the character is an asshole. :)

Contact: irc (Freenode, OFTC, mozilla and hackint), Signal, xmpp