Hackathon: Perl and Beyond Day 1

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Date 2014/02/08
Location ACTA
Type Hackathon
Contact Webmind

The (Amsterdam eXpats and more Perl Mongers group) organize a small hackathon. The topic is "Perl and Beyond", allowing anyone to join in, whether they would like to hack in Perl specifically or not.

We will encourage bringing your own ideas and projects, and coming without any in order to accompany others.

Because the room is limited, we would ask people to register in advance so we don't overcrowd it.

Dates: February 8th and 9th.

List of available subjects:

  • The new MOP for Perl 5
  • website (dire need of help)
  • Uploading videos
  • MetaCPAN::API (awaiting new rewrite branch to be released)
  • Dancer1/2
  • Perl 5 Core (small bug fixes, clean ups, etc.)
  • Perl 6
  • Whatever you want! (a project of yours or one you're interested in)

Day 2

Please call the number on the door to get in

Please Add your name to the wiki if you like to come:

  • webmind
  • Sawyer X
  • Stevan Little
  • Mickey Nasriachi
  • Rob Hoelz
  • Aleksandar Petrovic
  • Mallory
  • nperez
  • [Tux]
  • Leon (maybe for drinks)
  • Ribasushi (evt +1)