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The following rules pertain any and all tools that either:
- Belong to the hackerspace.
- Belong to a member, brought to the space for general use.

1. Non-members can only use tools in the space upon agreement beforehand. No non-member shall take a tool outside of the confines of the space.

2. Use of tools outside of the space shall be limited to incidental short-term usage of at most a couple of hours, no longer than half a day and they are used no further away than the direct perimeter of the building/parking-lot.

3. Taking tools home or to other locations shall not be done by anyone unless agreed upon beforehand by the board or any body of people they choose to delegate these kinds of decisions to at a later time.

4. Mishandling of tools *can* have repercussions/consequences for the person(s) involved. This is to be judged by board, or delegated to a body of their choice to handle and be responsible for. Breakage of a tool does NOT automatically lead to repercussions.

Relevant commentary on the rules presented above; presented together in
HR to clarify
The following notes apply:

- Members who are the owners of a space-loaned tool/item get to decide themselves about the usage of their tools/items and are thus exempted. They also get to decide if someone can loan/abuse/take these respective items.

- Board has a responsibility to negotiate with tool-owners before deciding to loan them out to anybody.

- Tools are understood to be used responsibly and brought back in proper state, properly clean and ready for re-use.

- Tools are to be brought back to their designated location, if any. Or at least in a suitable location, in any case.
- Breakage of tools is understood to be a natural consequence of usage. No fines/punishments are to automatically follow upon breakage; it is encouraged to report tool-breakage/shortcomings/malfunctions upon noticing by reporting to or a specific method, decided upon in the future.
Further commentary; not HR-related but useful for discussion                    
- It is suggested that we shall be marking tools with a color or textual marking to be able to recognize them as belonging to the space. Member-owned tools shall/will be exempted from this, of course, unless agreed upon beforehand.                                                         
- A second, independant, proposal regarding the concept of 'tool guardians' might come to a vote on this ALV (or a next one) and is part of the reason behind the wording 'another body' in the text presented. It is anticipated that it would be good to trust the judgement of a number of well-informed people in judging mistreatment/abuse, etc.