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ALV 20141019; re-constituted minutes.

Special note: These notes have been reconstituted in a large part from the notes that Anne Jan had made during the meeting, in turn based on the IRC-logs he kept of the live-reporting of the ALV to those following it online.

The original notes were lost during a re-install of the system they were made on.

Meeting opened: 19:00

Anne Jan makes a request for notes to be taken on a live-pad. Secretary chooses to work with what he has/knows at that moment.


Member-count, quorum, guests Members present at opening: 13 votes including proxy-votes, bringing quorum to 7


ALV notes of 2014059. Accepted without comment or question


Finalizing agenda Point 5 ("Circle Proposal") postponed upon request of the proposer (Wizzup) Rest of planned agenda used as is.


Financial report

This report is one that should be provided by treasurer. He is not present nor ready with a report. To have an overview of our bank-account status and incoming payments, Vesna (secretary) used her time to produce a graph with historic information. This information is available on the wiki under:

Notes given: Fees = Monthly member payments Rent = around 1550 euros Expenses include drinks, etc. Income included drink-payments/donations.

Conclusion: we spend 2 euro more than we get in per month. It is clear that donation-jar income is helping us to stay afloat. Details:

5 people pay MORE than 25 euro 17 people pay 25 euro

  • 2 people join the meeting. Quorum is now at 8*

A question is asked about Revbank status. A quick check reveals 300 euro outstanding payments from people in 'shame-list'

There was no board-spending from the 'board-budget' during the recent period


Membership report to date

Current membership-data is out of date. There are people still in there that should not be. It is known that there are people who became a member in recent times who havent been entered into the system yet. Current approximation of membership-count : between 60 and 70 people

A request is made to include membership-information in next month's financial report. Discussion is had about the membership data and the reasons why it's hard to know who is and who isnt a member anymore


Notes from the board

Vesna has stepped down as a secretary. She is thanked for the work she has done and receives an applause for her efforts.

Ultratux is acknowledged for his work on planning, organizing and doing a large amount of the work involving getting the new enlarge dirty-room becoming a reality. The gouden figuur-zaag that was planned, however, got cancelled due to lack of time.


Board elections

It is proposed to postpone board-elections (point 3) until it is convenient to also plan a break.


Votable points 4.1

Duration of ALV (Philip)

In general, the point was discussed in terms regarding the particular wording and the particular duration. The general intention of the point was found by many to be welcome and useful. The vote was held about the proposal as stated in the meeting agenda. Vote result: 10 in favor 2 against 3 abstainees

The point has passed and the stated text shall be included in the HHR.


Not changing membership fees too often (Ultratux)

In an effort to make the administrative load of the bureaucrats lighter, Maarten proposes to put restrictions on the amount of times and the ways that people can indicate they want to change their membership-fee amount.

The counter-arguments center around the feeling that the enforcement of this would be cumbersome and/or would result in unwanted deadlocks. The ALV notes that revoking door-access for those with membership-payment problems is a 'no brainer' Voting is held: 4 in favor 7 against 4 abstainees

The item does not pass. The proposed point will not be added to the HHR


Regular fee payment schedule (Ultratux)

A second proposal intended to make the administrative load of the bureaucrats lighter by making it more clear when the organisation can expect payments from members.

Ultratux explains his point and the reasons for it; after which Arnd highlights the way the TechInc month-memberships work. Any payment after the 7th of a month is taken to mean a membership for the *following* month (as adopted in our HHR in a previous HHR)

Discussion centers a little around what this would mean; also in regards to yearly payments which, upon inspection , are intended to also fall under the proposed clause.

Voting is held 1 in favor 10 against 4 abstain

The item does not pass. The proposed clause will not be added to the HHR


As noted in 1.3 (Agenda finalizing), point 5 was requested to be taken off the agenda for this ALV.

A return to point 3.0


Board elections

Wizzup has stepped up for a position in the board. He has been involved with board-work before. Most people know him; an introduction is not needed.

15 people are present for the vote Quorum set at 8

Voting is organized via paper ballots; anonymized. Run-off voting is not required as there is only one applicant.

Voting result: Wizzup is accepted for filling a board position.

Notice is given to the ALV that the board will find a date in the near future to discuss board-roles and duties with the new board-composition presented soon after.


Roundtable discussion Wiki requires updating for a number of changes (HHR, Board-composition, etc) Discuss-list is being mentioned again, the reasons behind it and the proposed use.

ALV closes at 20:34