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In Amsterdam

Near Amsterdam

1. Kennmerduinen - close to Overveen/Haarlem

  • we can start at the "Koevlak" entrance, then walk to Bllomendaal-aan-Zee or Parnasia (restaurant on the beach) -- or the other way around!! (there is a "visitors center" with the cafe at Koevlak)
  • both ends are reachable by public trasport (bus, from Haarlem trains tation; or train to Overveen & then


2. Around camping Bakkum -- ending at Cartricum aan Zee - or Egmond? a bit more difficult to get to by public transport, but also less populated; plus, I could bring you to visit a (wild) grave of my (stillborn) daughter (that was 10 years ago, so I'll be "fine" if we go there....)

there are beaches there...

3. Waterleidingsduinen

No beach - but many DEER!