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Heh, here is the list - Dutch / English / Latin

Serbian (Drvo) Dutch (boom) Latin English (Tree) Celtic
Celtic: Planet: Celtic: Gemstone Celtic: description
Breza (Ruwe) Berk Betula pendula (silver or white) BIRCH December 24 –

January 20:

Planet: The Sun Gemstone: Rock Crystal Birch people tend to be hard-working and ambitious, with strong leadership qualities. You are generally loyal and faithful, although you may tend to hide your feelings.
Jarebika Lijsterbes Sorbus aucuparia ROWAN (Mountain ash) January 21 –

February 17:

Planet: Uranus Gemstone: Peridot Rowans tend to be idealistic and original, a free-thinker filled with the fire of idealism. You are probably unconventional, artistic, and ahead of your time, imaginative and humanitarian in your outlook. (whispering tree) used for druid staffs
(beli) Jasen As Fraxinus excelsior (common) ASH February 18 –

March 17:

Planet: Neptune Gemstone: Coral Ash people are good communicators, witty and spontaneous, and generally curious about life. Scandinavian mythology: Tree of Life
(crna) Jova (zwarte) Els Alnus_glutinosa ALDER March 18 -

April 14:

Planet: Mars Gemstone: Ruby Alders are filled with courage and affection, loyalty and determination. Your energy is considerable, you enjoy physicality, and love to play.
Vrba (schiet) Wilg Salix alba WILLOW April 15 –

May 12:

Planet: The Moon Gemstone: Moonstone Willows tend to be in touch with their emotions, intuitive, and adaptable. Underneath the appearance of hesitance, willows possess great flexibility and inner strength, along with a strong will. OTHER WILLOWS: Weeping_willow Salix_babylonica Treurwilg //

June 9:

Planet: Vulcan Gemstone: Topaz Hawthorns are spontaneous and sometimes impatient, possessing great confidence, creativity, and charm.
OAK June 10 –

July 7:

Planet: Jupiter Gemstone: Diamond Oaks tend to be self-confident and responsible, optimistic and proud, with ample charisma and a strong philosophical streak.
HOLLY July 8 –

August 4:

Planet: Earth Gemstone: Red Carnelian Holly people are cautious and practical, reasonable and filled with personal integrity, sensitive and protective.
Leska (Lešnik) Hazelaar Corylus avellana HAZEL August 5 –

September 1:

Planet: Mercury Gemstone: Amethyst Hazels are very perceptive, idealistic, and artistic. Wisdom and creativity are especially important to hazel people.
VINE September 2 –

September 29:

Planet: Venus Gemstone: Emerald Vine folks are very sensitive and self-critical, gentle and romantic. You can be quite authoritative, and harmony is of great importance to you.
IVY September 30 –

October 27:

Planet: The Moon Gemstone: Opal Ivy people are social and loyal to their friends, kindly but sometimes restless, and, although appearing hesitant, actually very strong.
REED October 28 –

November 24:

Planet: Pluto Gemstone: Jasper Reeds tend to be fearless and stubborn, uncompromising and independent, imaginative, loyal, and sometimes jealous.
Zova Flier Sambucus_nigra ELDER (berry) November 25 –

December 23:

Planet: Saturn Gemstone: Jet Elders are energetic, self-disciplined, although disliking routine, open, spontaneous, and self-sufficient.
Serbian (Drvo) Dutch (boom) Latin English (Tree) Similar
Bukva Beuk Fagus sylvatica Beech
 ? Engelse veld-iep Ulmus procera English Elm
Brest Iep Ulmus hollandica Elm European_white_elm

/ Ulmus_laevis / Steeliep

Lipa Linden Tilia x europea (vulgaris) Lime
Populier Populus alba Poplar
(silver / white)
Zwarte Populier Populus nigra Black Poplar
Jasika Esp / ratelpopulier Populus tremula Aspen
Javor Esdorn Acer pseudoplatanus sycamore maple

Fernleaf_maple Acer_Japonicum_conitifolium Japanse_esdoorn_conitifolium

Japanski javor Japanse_esdoorn Acer_palmatum Japanese_maple
Klen Spaanse_aak Acer campestre Hedge_maple / Field maple

/ English maple