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Notes about Lika

My situation in 2013 & long-term plan


- I was born in Belgrade, but my parents come from Croatia: Lika & Dalmatia

- I have two small children that I feel responsible for, but I share their care with their father - we don't live together, but are both bound to stay close to the kids.

- I wish to do the best for my children, which, until rcently, meant "I want them to have Dutch passports" for the stability and prosperity that Holland meant for me, since I am from Yugoslavia -- country that does not exist any parents are from Croatia but they are Serbian, so two out of 3 of my childhood homes are either unaccessible or destroyed, and the third is in the state of "early accumulation of capital", a.k.a. "candidate for the EU membership"...

... and since last year, I think that "the best for them" would be to take them out of school, out of the city, out of this sinking country (pun intended), out of the "civilization", and *back* to the war-wounded Croatian mountains, "behind God's back".

- I was raised on atheism (communism?) and science, and in 1991, when I discovered "the Internet", I thought - this is the best thing, this is where I'll be living from now on. And I do: I work for the (NGO, not-for-protit) that "governs" the Internet; I play with hackers and frequent and build hackerspaces, I spend my vacations on hackers conferences...

...however, virtual reality is becoming too un-natural for me, and recently the most spiritual connections I estabilished with myself and the world were while walking "in nature", such as it is available - parks in Amsterdam.

My current plan is to spend next 10 years learning, preparing, and building a community for "natural living". I still don't know what does that mean... that's the "learning" part. I will visit existing "communes", workshops, festivals... I will make connections with like-minded people -- YOU! I will raise my kids "in captivity", for now, and when they are "grown up" (legally, 18), I will be able to go on with a different kind of life, giving them a choice to build their own, or take part in mine...


Kruno Jost <>

Gubavcevo Polje


MM Kamp: Gračac, Croatia 19 - 24 Aug 2014