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This wiki page lists a number of tools which we would be interested in making available for use in the space, but which do not currently exist. See the Inventory page for a list of all of the tools which do exist.

We hope that we will eventually be able to acquire many of these tools. Depending on the interests of members, we expect that various items will eventually be the objective of dedicated pledge drives and/or direct purchases via funds available to the space. Others may be acquired through donation or loan. If you or someone you know has something on this list which you would be willing to donate or loan, please makes this known to the other members.

Hand Tools

  • boltcutters
  • sheet metal brake
  • sheet metal shears/guillotine
  • rivet gun
  • lockpick set
  • crowbar
  • socket/ratchet wrench set
  • arbor press
  • drill press vise

Measurement/layout tools

  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Digital kitchen scale
  • Digital microscope (USB)
  • Laser distance finder

Power tools

  • evolution rage saw
  • band saw, horizontal
  • band saw, vertical
  • jigsaw
  • metal lathe (+ tooling!)
  • metal milling machine (+ tooling!)
  • air compressor
  • plasma cutter

Electronics Test and Measurement

  • cheap soldering irons+holders - available in space (more for workshops?)
  • regulated powersupply (arnd: I have a 19" version; analog , 2x35V 2A OR 1x70V 2A OR 1*35V 2A; large but stable)
  • workbench power supply (variable voltage) - A dedicated pledge drive is underway.
  • braided desoldering wire
  • Cheap multimeters (several) - Aldi had them on offer recently. Interesting to investigate; will serve for rudimentary things and/or workshops.
  • Bus pirate?
  • Logic analyzer?

Digital Fabrication

  • 3D printer -Two pledge drives are underway: Prusai3 and Ultimaker
  • Router/XY-CNC
  • Laser cutter
  • PCB etching/cutting?

Space Infrastructure

  • Solid workbench (for mounting vises, using with lathe/mill/grinder, standing height, not sitting)
  • Stools (tall, for "standing" bench)
  • Shop Vacuum (separate from one used for "clean" space)
  • Large Whiteboard
  • Projector/beamer
  • Cutting mats
  • Big box of legos :-)
  • Toolbox, rolling w/ drawers?
  • Ladder
  • Rechargeable batteries (AAA, AA, perhaps others???) and charger


It would probably be interesting to have a small stock of the following materials in the space. Prices could be posted and an honor system could be used by members to make the appropriate cash donations as they use the stock. In addition there will of course be a "scrap" bin of odds and ends. Note that there is a dedicated wiki for electronics components/consumables.

  • Acrylic
  • Wood (various sized pieces of plywood, MDF, etc.)
  • Aluminum sheet, sheet steel
  • Aluminum and steel bar stock, various diameters
  • Aluminum plate stock
  • Aluminum and steel angle stock
  • Threaded steel rod (various sizes: M4, M5, M6, etc.)
  • Various screws/bolts, nuts, washers, nails, etc.
  • T-slot construction extrusions (Al) - for example Openbeam, MicroRax and/or Makerslide (plus the any joining plates, screws, etc.)


  • 2 soldering stations on loan available


  • TODO