Tool guardian proposal 2020

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Webmind and myself gathered today in working out a tool guardian
proposal which you can read more about later in this e-mail. We want to
provide this proposal to the ALV and invite you now to provide feedback.

TL;DR, this is a proposal that proposes members taking responsibility
for different tools in the space, we propose calling them tool guardians.

Tool guardians take responsibility for upkeep, documentation and
training of tools when necessary and proposes and maintains a budget for
the association for the tool(s) they are responsible for.

How would this function?

In order for a tool to have tool guardianship there need to be a minimum
of two guardians. This in order to share responsibility and improve

The board has the final say over this budget but trusts the expertise of
the tool guardians.

Becoming a tool guardian

### Taking guardianship of an unguarded tool.

With at least one other potential guardian create a plan and budget for
the tool, then contact the board with your proposal. After board
approval, the board announces the future guardians and their plan and
budget on the official communication channel.

If there are objections, questions or remarks, people can contact the
guardians or the board directly. If within there aren't any objections
to the guardians, the guardians gain guardianship over the tool.

### Joining a guardianship

If you want to join an existing tool guardianship, contact the existing
tool guardians.

### Sleeping or disfunctioning guardianship

Please contact the board.

Giving up your guardianship


Contact the board and the board will inform the membership. The board
will facilitate finding new guardians if needed or can choose to disband
the guardianship.

When budget proposals need to be submitted

The board timely informs the guardians on when their budgets are due.

Going over or under budget


If a guardianship wants to go over budget, they will first discuss this
with the board, who then has the discretion to allow an exception where
the finances permit this.

If a guardianship goes under budget the remaining finances can be
distributed elsewhere, if the guardianship want to take this to the next
year, this is at the discretion of the board.