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Spacing on Appointment

Due to the lockdown, no real social space, but you have the space (almost) for yourself.

  • You require a fob to be able to enter the space. If you do not have one, it might be possible to arrange something with someone else.
  • There may only be two people in the space at the same time.
  • Book your appointment on THIS PAGE , a maximum of 7 days ahead of time.
  • Maximum 5 timeslots per participant per week, of which a maximum of 1 night watchman timeslot from 22-7
  • Arriving, checking in, opening space
    • During the day: After the beginning of your timeslot
    • Curfew-timeslot: Max 15 minutes BEFORE the curfew starts
  • checking out, closing space, returning home:
  • BEFORE the end of your timeslot (set a timer for yourself!)
  • If the space is 'closed', a member may enter the space for a max of 10 minutes to pick something up, bring something or perform a quick activity, without requiring an appointment. Still max 2 people at the same time.
  • Follow all the normal rules, and all Corona rules and guidelines.


 7 -  8     space closed
 8 -  9     available timeslot
 9 - 10     available timeslot
10 - 11     available timeslot
11 - 12     available timeslot
12 - 13     space closed
13 - 14     available timeslot
14 - 15     available timeslot
15 - 16     available timeslot
16 - 17     space closed
17 - 18     available timeslot
18 - 19     available timeslot
19 - 20     available timeslot
20 - 21     available timeslot
21 - 22     space closed
22 -  7     available timeslot (curfew-timeslot)

Reserving a time-slot

Alter the table below, add a row or alter one if there's space available. The 'curfew' timeslot's date is the date of the START of the timeslot.

Datum Tijdslot Main space Aux space Comment
monday 12 april 14-15 Mark rutte Soldering, but also cutting some wood
Wednesday 14 april 22-7 Edward Snowden cleanup + possible occult sciences
Thursday 13 april 14-15 Sigrid Kaag
Thursday 13 april 15-16 Hugo de Jonge Sigrid Kaag

Q & A

What should I do if someone knocks on the door ?
If someone wants something (owned by them), you can fetch it for them. (Do not let yourself be social-engineered). Only in case of an emergency should you let someone in who does not have an appointment. If you want to be social together: Go outside the building to talk, keeping an appropriate distance.
Wash hands ? Facemask ?
Yes. This prevents large surfaces from risk of infection. So even when you are alone, please commit to this. When you leave, clean relevant surfaces/areas/objects. If you forgot a facemask, you can take one from those supplied at the door.
May I do anything like normal ?
Yes, all facilities are available, but realize that there might not be someone around to call 112 for you in case of accidents or emergency. Keep safe.
May I reserve multiple sequential slots ?
Yes, there is however a maximum , per week, that you may reserve. See above.
What if a timeslot is not reserved ?
For all purposes, treat this as if the space is 'closed'. Do not be there.
What does the 'Space closed' in the schedule?
That you may only be there for 10 minutes to pick something up or drop something off. You may not be there to work on a project. Do not open the space. Only two people allowed still at the same time.