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Spacing on Appointment

Due to the lockdown, no real social space, but you have the space (almost) for yourself.

  • You require a fob to be able to enter the space. If you do not have one, it might be possible to arrange something with someone else.
  • There may only be *SIX* people in the space at the same time.
  • Book your appointment on THIS PAGE , a maximum of 7 days ahead of time.
  • Maximum 10 timeslots per participant per week.
  • Arriving, checking in, opening space
    • At or after the beginning of your timeslot
  • checking out, closing space, returning home:
    • BEFORE the end of your timeslot (set a timer for yourself!)
  • Follow all the normal rules, and all Corona rules and guidelines.

(Last update: 2021-05-22, 10 timeslots, 6 people)


 0 -  1     available timeslot
 1 -  2     available timeslot
 2 -  3     available timeslot
 3 -  4     available timeslot
 4 -  5     available timeslot
 5 -  6     available timeslot
 6 -  7     available timeslot
 7 -  8     available timeslot
 8 -  9     available timeslot
 9 - 10     available timeslot
10 - 11     available timeslot
11 - 12     available timeslot
12 - 13     available timeslot
13 - 14     available timeslot
14 - 15     available timeslot
15 - 16     available timeslot
16 - 17     available timeslot
17 - 18     available timeslot
18 - 19     available timeslot
19 - 20     available timeslot
20 - 21     available timeslot
21 - 22     available timeslot
22 - 23     available timeslot
23 -  0     available timeslot

Reserving a time-slot

Alter the table below, add a row or alter one if there's space available.

Use your real name / nick here and please keep the table sorted on date & time

Date Timeslot Main space user 1 Main space user 2 Main space user 3 Main space user 4 Aux space user 1 Aux space user 2
Thursday 13 april 14-15 Mark Rutte do not remove; Example
Thursday 13 april 14-15 Sigrid Kaag do not remove; Another example
Thursday 13 april 15-16 Hugo de Jonge Sigrid Kaag do not remove; Last example
Thu 2nd Jun 14-15 Rafael Caricio
Thu 2nd Jun 15-16 Rafael Caricio
Thu 2nd Jun 16-17 Rafael Caricio
Thu 2nd Jun 17-18 Rafael Caricio
Thu 2nd Jun 18-19 Rafael Caricio
Fri 4th Jun 14-15 Rafael Caricio
Fri 4th Jun 15-16 Rafael Caricio
Fri 4th Jun 16-17 Rafael Caricio
Fri 4th Jun 17-18 Rafael Caricio
Fri 4th Jun 18-19 Rafael Caricio

Q & A

What should I do if someone knocks on the door ?
If someone wants something (owned by them), you can fetch it for them. (Do not let yourself be social-engineered). Only in case of an emergency should you let someone in who does not have an appointment. If you want to be social together: Go outside the building to talk, keeping an appropriate distance.
Wash hands ? Facemask ?
Yes. This prevents large surfaces from risk of infection. So even when you are alone, please commit to this. When you leave, clean relevant surfaces/areas/objects. If you forgot a facemask, you can take one from those supplied at the door.
May I do anything like normal ?
Yes, all facilities are available, but realize that there might not be someone around to call 112 for you in case of accidents or emergency. Keep safe.
May I reserve multiple sequential slots ?
Yes, there is however a maximum , per week, that you may reserve. See above.
What if a timeslot is not reserved ?
For all purposes, treat this as if the space is 'closed'. Do not be there.