T-shirts hacking (episode 1)

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T-shirts hacking (episode 1)
Date 2012/05/20
Location TempInc
Type Workshop
Contact User:Becha

Re-using your (geeky) T-shirts: make something new from the old T-shirts: a flag? a quilt? verjaardag flaggetjes? something completelly different :)


  • Please donate your old T-shirts! We'll make *art* out of them!
  • We'll use child-labor -- bring your child along, too!

This is a children-friendly workshop, I will bring Alisa & Charlie to help out with cutting out logo's from T-shirts... Many (small) hands make light work!

  • Please bring more sewing machines! We have one residential in the hackerspace; 3 more portable ones have been offered, and more are welcome!


Books: I've added two books to the bookshelf ('RipIt' by Elissa Meyrich, 'Generation T' by Megan Nicelay) which may give more ideas. -- Tannie 21:30, 9 May 2012 (CEST)

Edit Karin:

Here's the quilt that I made in December 2005 for Sjoera Nas:


Add your name here if you are coming

  • Becha (+2)
  • Stef (maybe +1)
  • YOU?