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"Date" is a type and predefined property provided by Semantic MediaWiki to represent date values.
Social:2012-10-31 special: with TUS31 October 2012(h)ACTASocialBecha
Social:2012-11-077 November 2012ACTASocialContact
Plausible Deniability Hackday10 November 2012ACTAHackathonDrWhax
Broedplaatsendag10 November 2012ACTAOtherDrWhax
Social:2012-11-1414 November 2012ACTASocialContact
Social:2012-11-2121 November 2012ACTASocialContact 15 year party22 November 2012UvAOtherBecha
Social:2012-11-2828 November 2012ACTASocialContact
Cryptoparty23 December 2012ACTAWorkshopDrWhax
Soldering Workshop by Mitch Altman4 December 2012ACTAWorkshopDrWhax
Sinterklaas 20125 December 2012(h)ACTAFestivalBecha
Social:2012-12-055 December 2012ACTASocialBecha
IPv6 evening6 December 2012ACTALectureBecha
Lockpicking Workshop7 December 2012ACTAWorkshopWebmind
OOH8 December 2012ACTACongressDrWhax
ALV 2012 12 088 December 2012ACTAMeetingOrganisation
Opening Party8 December 2012ACTAFestivalAmx109
Social:2012-12-1212 December 2012ACTASocialBecha
Social:2012-12-1919 December 2012ACTASocialBecha
Social:2012-12-26 special: 2nd Xmas day26 December 2012ACTASocialBecha