Space-Maintenance Committee

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I(gorgabal) propose to form a space-maintanance-commitee .

For a useful, functional space, tools needs to be working, and there need to be a bit of order and cleanness.
However, at the moment of writing, the space is messy/unclean, and tools tend to be broken.

This leads to members leaving, and scaring potential new members off.
Ideally, when you enter the space on any day, you should be able to trust that things are working.

Think of the space-maintanance committee something like a "Concierge" or "office manager".
If you join this committee, expect to do both psychical work(tiding up the space) and mental work(think up new ways to tidy up the space).


The space-maintanance commitee will have the following responsibilities:

  • To take steps to create a tidier, cleaner and more functional space. For example, this could be to organize a monthly cleaning event.
  • To enforce policies like the DNH-stickers. This means throwing out old projects.
  • To think up and implement new procedures to make the space even cleaner/better.
  • To keep track of the status of various tools, and take the appropriate steps. Like finding a tool-guardian , or even to throw it away if necessary.


In order for the committee to function effectively, it should be able to think up and implement new policies to keep the space clean. In order to do this effectively, the committee should not have to wait for the next ALV to do this, as long as the committee gives members ample time & opportunity to object before new policies come in effect.


In order to limit scope, the space-maintanance-committee will only focus on the physical well-being of the space.


Since this committee will sometimes throw things out, the creation of it needs to be voted in.
And since the committee will have both power & responsibility, the individual members will need to be voted in too.

TODO: determine how to add new members outside of an ALV

TODO: determine how many members this committee should have at minimum.