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This page lists both people wanting to give workshops (or other skill transfer) and people looking to acquire certain skills.

Once an event becomes more concrete, it will be announced on the members list and will shop up on the events page.

Skills transfers on offer

List of workshops that members feel they have the skills to give.

Name Level Organiser Interested Notes
Soldering Beginner Brainsmoke Soldering both through hole and SMD components.
Electronic circuit modelling using LTspice Beginner Chotee Julf Using the LTspice program to model electronic circuits
Electronics 101 Beginner/Intermediate Julf Basics of electronics - theory and practice
Principles of digital audio Beginner/Intermediate Julf Basics digital sound recording, reproduction and processing
Programming in Python beginner / intermediate Wizzup mi1es Learning to program using the python language.
(Unix) Programming (in C) intermediate Wizzup Learning to program with C (also for specific topics: Network programming, etc).
Arduino 101 Beginner mr_seeker Learning to work with Arduino
Hacking OpenWRT routers ??? rad0 Julf
USB Reverse engineering Intermediate stef
Lockpicking Beginner muse
Soldering All levels ultratux Soldering and tricks, from XT60 connectors down to SMD
Basic powertool safety and control Beginner ultratux How to best ascertain you control the power tool instead of it controlling you.
Building custom E-cig hardware realitygaps
Creating 3d printable objects with OpenScad Beginner Chotee Julf Using OpenScad to design objects that can be 3d printed.

Skills requested

List of skills you would want to have that you think Techinc members could give a training in.

Description Interested Notes
Laying out PCBs for manufacture Chotee, Julf This is not something for absolute electronics beginners. What software to use? Eagle?
Creating objects for 3d printing Julf Hands on, not 5 hours of talk.
Creating designs for laser cutter in Inkscape. Julf
Blender, all things Blender! ultratux, Julf
FreeCAD ultratux, Julf

What to expect

Workshops are giving my fellow members who want to share their skills or are enthusiastic about something and want to share that. It is not a professional training.