Sinclair C5

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Participants Webmind
Skills Bikes, painting, electronics, cleaning
Status Active
Purpose Fun

Got a Sinclair C5, needs fixing up and re-electrifying.


  • Inventorise properties of C5
  • Clean up and paint frame/chassis
  • Decide on motorisation plan
  • Fix-up frame etc
  • Electrify



  • Front Wheel: 62-203 tires (12.5x2.5) total diam ~32mm inc tire, rim diam ~22mm, 10mm clearance of case
  • Front fork width: 85mm
  • Rear Wheel: 47-305 (16x1.75x2) total diam ~40mm inc tire, rim diam ~32, 18-20mm min clearance of case
  • Y-Chassis: 540mm total outer distance, to motorside(left) ca 260mm, to right side ca 280mm ? (DOUBLE CHECK)


  • 200km reach
  • 25km/h uphill
  • drive backwards
  • disk breaks
  • turn indicators


  • Raincover
  • Wheelcovers
  • Board computer + led display
  • GPS (for speed & heading)
  • Foldable pedals

Motorisation options

Front-wheel hub

  • front-fork has default only 57mm width, which is hard to find hubmotors for

Rear-wheel hubs

  • hard to find 16" single-shaft hub motors
  • wheelchair motors

Motor options

  • phub-75 (aliexpress)

Engine on chain

  • expensive

Original drive-mechanism

  • requires odd belt
  • only one wheel rear drive which is meh


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