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Standard Operating Procedure club mate deliveries.

Important notice on pricing

20171031: according to calculations performed by JUSTA





Overview of (max) COST-price, (max) COST-Price+vat , (minimum) SALES-Price relationships
Maximum Costprice (ex 6% VAT) Maximum Costprice (inc 6% VAT) Minimum! SALES-price
0.70 0.75 1.00
1.05 1.11 1.50
1.40 1.48 2.00
1.75 1.85 2.50
2.10 2.22 3.00

Example: If a crate of 24 bottles of a drink costs 18 euro's EX vat: 18/24 = E.75/bottle. So you can then not sell it for 1.00/bottle, but higher pricing is fine.

Note that it is handy to maintain 'price classes' that include a series of drinks. It is hard to make people understand/see seperate prices for specific drinks. IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO MAINTAIN AS FEW CATEGORIES AS POSSIBLE.

please check for recent billing items. Our price is different from the webshop, so it is worth to check how much we get billed. (And to update our spreadsheet)

Choose drinks and place order

Drink ordering has been simplified. Members can add the drinks that needs ordering to TNWOP (The New Wiki Order Page), and you simply take that list for ordering with Dorstlust.

Some drinks cannot be ordered. These are:

You can always stock in high on club-mate, flora mate and fritz-cola, those can be stacked to 'arbitrary' heights and are therefore easy to store. Other drinks take up space in the shelf, so be careful with ordering too much of those.

Send an e-mail to with the order and to arrange a delivery day/time and put and in the CC to let them know that a delivery is coming. We get a discount, so let them know that the order is for Techinc. Also give them the phone number of the member that will open the door for them.

Before delivery

Send an e-mail to to ask for help with carrying the crates upstairs, in case the elevator doesn't work. If you don't mind to do this yourself together with the guy from Dorstlust you can omit this step.

Pre-sorting of crates can be smart; depending on mood and organizing sometimes the crates are completely messed up; beer, mate, cola, all types of bottles stacked randomly on $random crates. If you have to sort this on delivery day it is an added source of stress/effort. It is good to have this managed a while before; either delegated or done yourself.

It is often a good idea to bring the empty crates out to the hallway; that way you create the room to put the -heavier- full crates directly at their designated positions. That saves effort; you don't have to restack or re-sort heavy crates later. But only do this immediately before a delivery... not one day in advance or such... we don't want to fill the public hallway with our crates.


Dorstlust will bring the crates, be sure to have someone (most of the time this will be you) present at the space to open the door for them. Dorstlust therefore needs the phone number of the member that is present.

When they arrive you can gather all the crates next to the elevator (if the elevator is not out of order!). When you are ready, call the elevator to ground floor as usual and load everything up. Then, and this is essential: keep the elevator blocked on ground floor by one person while another person goes up by stairwell inside the building to the second floor. Then person #2 ought to "call" the elevator from the first floor (this can't be done from inside the elevator!) and yell at the person on ground floor so person #1 releases the elevator. If you don't follow this procedure it is possible all crates travel up to a higher-up student floor, and/or you'll have students expecting to go to ground floor, suddenly finding themselves in our part of the building. These are all situations that are better avoided. Our elevator door is located behind the doors opposite the bookcase (behind the toilets). Please make sure you close and lock these doors when finished.

Count the empty crates (distinguish between club mate crates, sauer crates and fritz crates) and give that info to Dorstlust. This will speed up the procedure. However, things may/could/will have changed by the delivery date anyway. If you're lucky, the bottles in the crates will have been sorted. But more often than not, that hasn't been (completely) done.


Dorstlust sends the invoice to the treasurer. Treasurer takes care of payment.

Handy to know

Empty bottles get lost. This is nothing to worry about and accounted for in the price. So in theory, you always end up with more crates than bottles. However, in practice, dorstlust often grabs all crates, also empty ones. This is not good, see next paragraph.

Often, our fridges stock a huge amount of bottles (unless stuff ran out completely). The three fridges together can easily hold the contents of 4 (four!) mate crates. If you let dorstlust take ALL the empty or half-empty crates we WILL run into trouble where we have no crates to put empty bottles in, and stuff will turn into a mess with all kinds of loose bottles, bottles on the floor, bottles posed on top of other (full or empty) crates, etc. It is good to avoid that; never let dorstlust take crates that are not filled with empties. Unless you really have surplus for sure. This is especially true when we run out; then our fridges suddenly manage to "produce" up to 4 extra crates worth of mate bottles, and some 2 crates of Fritz bottles.

There is at least one seasonal drink; There is Club mate Winter mate. It is a typical December/Winter drink; cinnamon flavoured IIRC. During winter, adding one or at most two of these will be greatly appreciated by a number of members. Dorstlust does not always stock this, so ordering it in other seasons isn't really very viable. Also... it just doesn't taste like summer. It's like Bockbier.. whoever drinks that in july?

Remko (UR) (and formerly Ultratux) are usually the persons who notice that stuff is running out. Give them your e-mail address or phone number and you will get stock-runs-out-alerts automagically ;)