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Date 2017/08/04
Time 4-8 August
Location at SHA :)
Type Camp
Contact Stef

To see if there is some interest for putting up tents together with Techinc at SHA2017, and to organize some other stuff if we feel like doing so:

Who Location
Stef Happy to set something up with Techinc, else i might join wehost/2600nl/something with colleagues.
Chotee Happy to set something up with Techinc
Phicoh Happy to set something up with Techinc
Ultratux Happy to set something up with Techinc
gorgabal Happy to set something up with Techinc, I did the karttent thing, not sure if those have a pre-determined location.
test I am gonna join $some_other_village
You? Your intended location?

Things to brainstorm:

  • Transport. (carpooling/transport of goods/bike ride there/etc)
    • Phicoh haz car
    • Chotee haz car will drive to SHA 3rd-Thu in early afternoon.
  • Possible stuff for village. (something to prep food, big tent to sit in, etc)
    • Phicoh haz fridge
    • Phicoh could borrow partytent (mentioned in email)
    • Provided he can get it transported, Ultratux has plenty of 230V cabling and sockets, UTP cabling, and 2 simple gigabit switches.
    • If desired, Ultratux can supply two medium-size bookshelf speakers and an amplifier.
    • Chotee has large-ish tent (has 3 sleeping areas, nominally sleep 6, 3 comfortably) + exterior extensions
  • Do we want to do any promotion/have stickers/t-shirts?
    • Bringing and displaying some t-shirts might be nice but it's just more $stuff to haul, and we're only 4 people...

Techinc village

There is a Techinc village at SHA: . The village will be located on the Turing field.