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Participants HakIT, Webmind
Skills Networking, climbing roofs
Status Active
Niche Other
Purpose World domination

We want to connect extisting networks and fellow people, groups, communities together by Wifi links over 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz

Stuff needed for roof-antennas

See Pledge

Connection to the roof

  • PVC-Pipe for putting UTP to the roof
  • Managed gbit switch (small netgear?)

on the roof

  • ubiguity 5.8 bridge

connection to wireless leiden

We have done measurements, and connecting to Leiden seems most feasable. This'll be done over 5.8ghz.

Other connections?

Some notes on hardware

  • coax-cable == loss, especially on 5.8ghz, so this is to be avoided.
  • 5.8ghz is less noisy as 2.4ghz, 2.4ghz is slightly more available and cheaper
  • there is some hardware available in the hands of members, but for certain links(long-hauls) an investment might be worth is.
  • profesional (but some of them still open) hardware can be gotten between about 100-200 euros per set.
  • you don't want to be the highest point in the area / on the building (lightning risks).