Proxxon Mini Mill

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Proxxon PCB Drill.jpg
Description Proxxon Mini Mill
Make Proxxon
Model MF 70 (NO 27 110)
Manufacturer Link
Category Mechanics
Operational Status Functional
Super Users Justa
Received at 2012/10/05
Acquisition Details donation to the space
Owner Justa

Current status: It is not missing any screws or parts, all was in a plastic bag. I've put it together (again(?); it was completely taken apart)
However, the dial/knob of the X axis is missing/broken.
We are unsure why the axis knobs, notably the Z axis, only turn with great difficulty. We don't feel that is easily solved, certainly not with lubricant; we did apply that.
With the X axis not holding the drill in position, I've changed status to broken, because it is not really functional right now.

To do:
Print or lasercut a knob for X axis, or make a less eye-pleasing thing with the aid of some metal.

Specify and acquire parts for cnc-i-fy-cation.