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===Secure email clients==
===Secure email clients===
* mailPile
* mailPile

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Participants Becha, Phicoh
Status Active
Niche Software
Purpose World domination


The goal is to

  • Increase the understanding of this kind of software within techinc
  • To inform other people on what to install, how to configure it, etc. And also help people install this kind of software on their own devices
  • Run some services at techinc (for members, but maybe also for the community at large). For example the federated social media.

The idea is to keep it practical and have every once in a while a presentation, for example about politics, or theoretical aspects.

Make tutorials?

Subjects (please add)

  • Privacy enhancing software
  • Federated social media
  • Pretty Good Privacy
  • How to setup up a VPN/SSH tunnel - SSH tunnelling, explained with figures
  • Save browsing / searching
  • Password management (e.g. with KeePass)
  • ...


Secure email clients

  • mailPile

Federated Social Media