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Pledge Type Education
Pledge Leader ultratux
Approximate Target €100
Running Total €0
Status Failed

We are looking at purchasing a 2nd dishwasher for the space

The item

  • Some secondhand dishwasher, to be determined

Budget estimation

  • Price should cover a good secondhand one.

Additional information

  • If people try to put their dirties in the dishwasher but it is full, they would be forced to check it is loaded correctly,

add soap tablet, and turn it on. And they'll have to save their own stuff for later (or even go as far as to wash it by hand!)

  • With a second dishwasher, all this trouble can be avoided; people can just dump their stuff in the second one and leave the chore

of turning on the first dishwasher to the next member. Now they can return to coding or soldering sooner, so everybody is happy.


  • This solution might not scale well.


  • €0 -- Signor Moneybags

Further notes

  • This pledge is a test of the pledge form and a display of sarcasm. Don't pledge.