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Specification Hackerspace Passports
Pledge Type Beautifying
Pledge Leader Andreasr
Approximate Target €30
Running Total €10
Status Current

We are looking at purchasing a bunch of hackerspace passports for the space

The item

Budget estimation

  • 1 Euro per passport
  • plus 8 Euro shipping


  • There is a world of hackdom out there. Please go out and eslore it! By visiting hackerspaces and hacker conferences you will find geeks and nerds and dorks of like mind, enthusiastically teaching and sharing what they love. You in turn may find fulfillment in sharing and teaching what you love.
  • the passport is similar to the stamps you can get at cottages in the mountains to brag that you have been there - many hackerspaces (including us) have a stamp :)

Additional information

  • original idea by Mitch Altman - see noisebridge wiki:
  • for the next version we could take the source files and make it look more like a Dutch passport and add some Techinc logos, make it more cult-ish :)


  • €10 -- AndreasR