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Status Future

[Note that this is not yet an active pledge drive. This wiki page serves to collect the initial ideas, cost estimates, etc. which will eventually be needed to proceed with either a pledge drive or pursuing other types of funding.]

Some activities like woodworking, metalworking, general mechanical work and electronics require dedicated workbenches instead of simple tables. This page is intended to collect the various ideas and proposals as to the kinds of workbenches we would like to buy, construct or otherwise obtain, as well as cost estimates.

We probably will not pursue all of these in one go, so this may generate multiple pledges.

Items needed and cost estimates

heavy workbench (for vises, metalworking, woodworking)

lighter workbench for light mechanical work

  • (more than one, connectable via latches?)
  • Inspiration: Instructable

electronics workbench

  • Perhaps the existing tables in the "niche" ( corner 2 of the space) are sufficient?
  • If so, the main difficulty is the odd shaped table whose depth varies from 80cm to 100cm, as it isn't flush with the "corner" table.

dirty room workbench


  • €?? -- ???