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|Pledge Leader=Amx109
|Pledge Leader=Amx109
|Approximate Target=85
|Approximate Target=85
|Running Total=20
|Running Total=35

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Specification Its sticky. It sticks
Pledge Type Promotion
Pledge Leader Amx109
Approximate Target €85
Running Total €35
Status Current

We are looking at purchasing stickers for promotion at 29c3

The item

  • Circular. Non laminated, 'shiny' transparent stickers. 100 stickers from www.drsticker.nl

Budget estimation

  • 32 EUR setup cost
  • 53 EUR for 7cm (diameter) for 100 stickers


  • make your laptop look even more sticker-abused

Additional information

  • we all love stickers
  • if we get more than the pledge amount, we can always buy more stickers