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Specification Solder
Pledge Type Tools
Pledge Leader Ultratux, Chotee
Approximate Target €40
Running Total €0
Status Future

We are looking at purchasing solders for the space

The item

  • 0.3mm 1x30gr
  • 0.4mm 1x30gr
  • 0.5mm 2x100gr
  • 0.8mm 2x100gr
  • 1.0mm 2x200gr + 1x100gr


Budget estimation

Cost estimate is €40. There are no transport costs.


  • Allow Soldering with reasonable solder. Different sizes to experiment with. Expect working solder for your projects, not fancy-pancy multicore stuff.


  • €0 -- Signor Moneybags
  • €8 -- Chotee