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Picture of the item

Let's build the LED Light District!

The prototype of the screen is working. Let's build this sucker.

Pledge leader: Guido

Budget estimation

Sn60Pb39Cu1/SHOP_AREA_17587&promotionareaSearchDetail=005;jsessionid=392C31A7C2675D017314457AB6BF7694.ASTPCCP16 Enough solder to connect 640 pieces of wire]

€ 169.97 Total excluding import tax and vat tax deduction

  • € 50 Estimate of import tax cost (I really have no idea)
  • € -20 Estimate of VAT subtraction (again no idea)

€ 200 Total including estimated taxes


  • €50 -- Guido

Running total: €50

Approximate target: €200