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|Pledge Leader=mr fireman
|Pledge Leader=mr fireman
|Approximate Target=110
|Approximate Target=110
|Running Total=0
|Running Total=40

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Specification 5 kg CO2 fire extinguisher
Pledge Type Infrastructure
Pledge Leader mr fireman
Approximate Target €110
Running Total €40
Status Current

5 kg CO2 fire extinguisher

The item (examples)

Budget estimation

  • 100-125 euro incl VAT/BTW and shipping


  • Put out fires, safest option for electronics (no damage)

Additional information

  • Dangerous when handled by untrained personnel; Parts get extremely (-80 Celsius) cold.
  • Dangerous in small spaces because the CO2 drives out & replaces oxygen, so wielder can suffocate
  • Training deemed necessary, for the above reasons