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|Location=Techinc (date TBD)

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PCB Design workshop
Date 2015/02/08
Location Techinc
Type Workshop
Contact Brainsmoke

Workshop focus

Learn how to design your own PCB and how to prepare the files to send off to a PCB fab. (Making them yourself is also possible.)


What do you need to participate?

  • An idea of what to make
  • A circuit schematic

Schematic ideas

Please add what you'd like to make

  • Led strip(/dome/globe/cube/)... (see polyhedrone)
  • Arduino clone
  • Capacitive touch keys
  • Carambola2 / esp8266 / ??? breakout board


Workshop organiser




  • Design PCBs using KiCAD (open source), or possibly eagle
    • Schematic design (creating the schematic in KiCAD, the EE part is not the main focus of this workshop)
    • Netlist / footprint matching / footprint generation
    • Layout design
    • Routing
    • Rules check
    • Artwork / SVG -> kicad conversion
    • Gerber file generation
    • Gerber file inspection
  • Order PCBs
  • Etching and things . . considerations