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Participants Madeddie, Narya
Skills programming
Status Active
Niche Software
Purpose Fun

Goal: View ownCloud tasks on Pebble watch

Link to git when prototype is done

First version

  • Present owncloud tasks on server on web (python script to parse ical and present as json)
  • Pebble should make secure connection with this API
  • First present the task lists
  • After selection, present tasks of that list
  • After selecting the task, show details of task

Later versions

  • Phone gets owncloud tasks in ical format and converts it to json (need to figure out how to login to owncloud and how to program this)
  • Store tasks local (get tasks from server, otherwise get local copy)
  • Be able to choose owncloud server via pebble settings
  • Send alerts for task deadlines
  • Mark tasks as done / to-do
  • Subscribe to selection of task lists