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KVK: 54127319 >>>[https://www.kvk.nl/handelsregister/zoekenframeset.asp?zk=0&url=https://server.db.kvk.nl/TST-BIN/FU/TSWS001@?BUTT=54127319 KvK-lookup]
KVK: 54127319 >>>[https://www.kvk.nl/handelsregister/zoekenframeset.asp?zk=0&url=https://server.db.kvk.nl/TST-BIN/FU/TSWS001@?BUTT=54127319 KvK-lookup]
BTW: 8511.77.542

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Technologia Incognita is a 'Vereniging' (an Association), which is a non-profit legal-body controlled by it's members with a board for day to day legal tasks.

The association has it's goals and core rules outlined in the Statutes, next to this there are also the common space Rules, which are general guidelines to the use of the space and or association. However, there are also the House Rules (aka 'Huishoudelijk Regelement') which are binding and official rules; formed and agreed upon at the ALV's of the association.

  • The physical space is funded solely by members via monthly fees (ee also accept donations)
  • The space will be run at cost
    • any surplus will be saved and either go towards new tooling/components or saving for a future space


More information on membership, and how to join, can be found on the Membership page. Every member legally becomes a part of the vereniging.

For those who do not want to join the space, but still would like to support us, can give a donation.


The current board members are:

Bakbotergeneral board member
Bigmacgeneral board member

you can contact the board directly by email admin@board.techinc.nl

More info about the board: history, meetings, etc: Board

Technical Contacts

Mailing Lists: justa

Wiki: realitygaps (volunteers appreciated)

Server: ##FIXME

Drupal Site: realitygaps Ardaxi

Techinc.nl DNS: Bureaucats


Voting Systems: Voting

Adminstrative details

Naam: Vereniging "Technologia Incognita"
Vestigingsadres: Gouden Leeuw 904
Vestigingsplaats: 1103KV Amsterdam Zuidoost
KvK-nummer: 54127319
Soort Inschrijving: Rechtspersoon

KVK: 54127319 >>>KvK-lookup


Dutch bankaccountnumber:
On the name of (t.n.v.): Vereniging "Technologia Incognita"
IBAN: NL11ABNA0514978309
Bankname: ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Art Work/Media

See Propaganda for artwork and other stuff related to our 'brand'

Short History of TechInc

  • First e-mail (from Justa) on August 15, 2011 about founding a new hackerspace in Amsterdam
  • techinc.nl domain - Creation Date: 2011-08-24 (source: DrWhax / whois?)
  • "First meeting I can remember was sept 8th 2011 at canvas" (source: user:realitygaps)
  • Our event calendar lists the very first events ever: Socials on 24-aug-2011, 07-sept-2011, 25-jan-2012
  • TechInc was officially founded on December 13, 2011
  • Opening of first real tangible space: Tmpinc, May 1st 2012

Committees active inside TechInc

  • The Auditing Committee is appointed to review the financial report each year.
  • The Dispute Committee is available in case of disputes between members and/or board that might occur
  • The Media Committee is tasked with handling social-media contacts for purposes of outreach
What you need to know: OrganisationRulesMembershipSpaceContactDonations