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'''Wiki:''' <somebody>
'''Wiki:''' <somebody>
'''Server:''' [[User:realitygaps|realitygaps]]. [[User:webmind|webmind]], [[User:DrWhax|DrWhax]], [[User:Justa|Justa]], [[User:Arda_Xi|Ardaxi]], [[User:amx109|amx109]]
'''Server:''' [[User:realitygaps|realitygaps]]. [[User:webmind|webmind]], [[User:DrWhax|DrWhax]], [[User:Justa|Justa]], [[User:Arda_Xi|Ardaxi]]
'''Drupal Site:''' [[User:realitygaps|realitygaps]] [[User:Arda_Xi|Ardaxi]]
'''Drupal Site:''' [[User:realitygaps|realitygaps]] [[User:Arda_Xi|Ardaxi]]

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Technologia Incognita is a 'Vereniging', which is a non-profit legal-body controlled by it's members with a board for day to day legal tasks.

The vereniging has it's goals and core rules outlined in the Statutes, next to this there are also the common Rules.

  • The physical space is funded solely by members via monthly fees (ee also accept donations)
  • The space will be run at cost
    • any surplus will be saved and either go towards new tooling/components or saving for a future space


More information on membership, and how to join, can be found on the Membership page. Every member legally becomes a part of the vereniging.

For those who do not want to join the space, but still would like to support us, can give a donation.


The current board members are:

Bakbotergeneral board member
Bigmacgeneral board member

you can contact the board directly by email board@techinc.nl

More info about the board: history, meetings, etc: Board

Technical Contacts

Mailing Lists: justa

Wiki: <somebody>

Server: realitygaps. webmind, DrWhax, Justa, Ardaxi

Drupal Site: realitygaps Ardaxi

Techinc.nl DNS: webmind

Twitter: drwhax

Facebook: becha, tannie Aldert


Adminstrative details

Naam: Vereniging "Technologia Incognita"
Vestigingsadres: Gouden Leeuw 904
Vestigingsplaats: 1103KV Amsterdam Zuidoost
KvK-nummer: 54127319
Soort Inschrijving: Rechtspersoon

KVK: 54127319 >>>KvK-lookup

BTW: 8511.77.542


Dutch bankaccountnumber:
On the name of (t.n.v.): Vereniging "Technologia Incognita"
IBAN: NL11ABNA0514978309
Bankname: ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Art Work/Media

See Propaganda for artwork and other stuff related to our 'brand'

What you need to know: OrganisationRulesMembershipSpaceContactDonations