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* webcam (time lapse)
* webcam (time lapse)
* water level of barrel
* water level of barrel
See [[WeatherDuino]]
=== Actors ===
=== Actors ===

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Participants Narya
Skills glass cutting, recycling
Status Planning
Niche Other
Purpose Infrastructure

Green houses that are on sale are either ugly or expensive. With a bit of planning, patience and diy it should be possible to make a nice orangerie from second-hand material.

Skills to acquire: mason, woodworking and glass cutting

The plan

  • Search for free/cheap material on marktplaats. Bricks, doors, windows and pieces of glass are very often offered for free
  • Make foundation, build low walls, build the frame, choose a small window size
  • Initially use plastic as windows. Replace the plastic piece by piece with (stained) glass found on marktplaats





  • Raspberry pi with screen and a few buttons


  • solar panel
  • battery

Climate control

Heat exchange by blowing hot air into the ground during the day (and heat the water of the soil) and blow warm air from the ground into the greenhouse at night

  • 10m flexible tube
  • computer fan (perhaps two)
  • temperature sensors at start and end of the tube


Sensors greenhouse

  • temperature
  • humidity (air)
  • humidity (pots/ground)
  • sunlight
  • doors and windows open/closed
  • webcam (time lapse)
  • water level of barrel

See WeatherDuino


  • alert when barrel is empty
  • watering system
  • open window when temperature and/or humidity is too high
  • website with measurements