Open Hackerspace Day 2019

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Open Hackerspace Day 2019
Date 2019/03/30
Time 11:00 -17:00
Location Techinc Amsterdam
Type Party
Contact Bigmac, Andreasr

Open Hackerspace Day 2019

Open hackerspace day.jpg


  • tour of the hackerspace, every hour on the hour - tbd
  • learning to solder for beginners - AndreasR
  • 3d printing with a computer - marvin
  • doodling with 3d pens - Li0n
  • lunch snacks - bigmac
  • drinks - bigmac
  • building pdp8 and pdp11 emulators with a raspberry Pi - bigmac
  • board members will be present to process the flood of new member signups - Katje
  • introduction to amateur radio - tbd
  • introduction to lockpicking as a hobby - tbd

More info

Check out and print out this poster

for next time

  • meetup could be organized earlier so more people see / can plan / subscribe
  • fundraiser for expenses as this is not an official "party" type event
  • involve social(media) commite next time? How much attention do we want?