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This is the first Newsletter for TechInc and we hope to make it common practice to send out a biweekly newsletter.

Monday, 10 February 2014

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New Room at Acta

After WG-Terrein decided to take another tenant, the space behind the beamerwall got rented to us. This adds a nice size to the space and opens quite a lot of options on how to use it. Some discussions on how to utilize the space are happening as of writing and some ideas will be sketched out on feel free to take a look.

first members meeting lin 2014: DATE

There has been the first member meeting (in the new series of members meetings), DATE

new BLACK stickers


conclusions from ALV in January

(insert short text, and link to ALV notes)

LAOS - Lasercutting things

There is a lasercutter at the space. It's been loaned by Daan for a short period of time. First members got trained on wednesday, with more training sessions to follow. The cost to use it is 10 EUR per hour. A manual documenting it has been started.

CTF Team Update

TechInc's CTF team, the notorious Knuffelhackers, took part in the PHDays IV CTF Quals event which took place during the weekend of 25th and 26th January 2014. The fact that the team consisted of a small number of CTF rookies did not stop us from solving a number of challenges and scoring a decent amount of points. We were ranked 110th out of 627 teams world-wide and we were the 3rd highest-scoring Dutch team out of the 10 that took part in the game.

The CTF games we play revolve around the following topics:

  • Reverse Engineering & Exploitation
  • Cryptography & Cryptanalysis
  • Steganography & Forensics
  • Math & Logic

If you're skilled or interested in any of the above, you are very welcome to come and join us in our weekly CTF traning sessions.

Upcoming Events

at TechInc

  • Social: every Wednesday
  • YounghackerSpace

Other Events

  • TA3M: The Amsterdam edition will be held in the makerspace ZB45 [] on February 17 at 19:30.

For this months edition we plan to focus on the rules, regulations, committees, institutes and all other bodies that oversee and govern the workings of the internet. With the internet governance summit being organized by Brazil, 2014 will be an interesting year for this part of the internet. 

Help needed!

  • We need people to help with the newsletter.
  • The wiki needs some love and a upgrade. Especially from someone with Semantic Mediawiki experience.

So if you feel like helping, just give it a try.

something missing?

This newsletter lives from participation. Help us expand it and make it a regular valuable contribution to TechInc.

  • CTF team ranked XXth out of XX participating teams (added by Narya, ask Melanie for details)
  • News from Fosdem?