National Hackspace Day 2012

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National Hackspace Day 2012
Date 2012/03/31
Location Club Karlsson
Type Congress

TechInc Open Hackspace Day

Where: Club Karlsson at the [NIMK] building (Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst)
Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam
Date:31 March 2012, Saturday
Time: 13:00-late

Yes ladies and gents, its national open hackspace day in Holland. We don't have a space at the moment, so we decided to hire out Club Karlsson again and have another night of talks/beer/people/stuff. This will be advertised widely, and we're expecting alot of people to turn up. There should be a whole host of varied talks


The following people will attend (this is just to get an idea on numbers)

  • Vesna (BecHa)
  • amran
  • Jurre
  • Justa
  • Rop
  • Dorien
  • DrWhax
  • Phicoh
  • Webmind
  • Robert
  • tg
  • DSWM
  • And loads of other people [citation needed] (last time we had 30 people!)


Club Karlsson costs 50 EUR to rent. Some beer and snacks will be provided. This is all being paid for up front by the organisation.

Suggested Donation of 5 EUR

And with respect to costs, we ask if all attendees can make a suggested donation of 5 EUR

Activities for the day

Arduino+Pachube workshop

There will be an arduino workshop running for the afternoon alongside our activites. it is free to attend but there are limited places. see for more details<


1300-1900 is where we lounge about playing music, singing, educating and generally wondering whats an acceptable time to start drinking
1800-1900 is where we order pizza and eat
1930-2200 is where we have lightning talks
2300-late is where we do more lounging etc

Lightning Talks

  • justa - swedish chef - full 2 minutes
  • amran - the proper use of a semi colon, whilst wearing clogs
  • Rop Gonggrijp - short wave radio communication
  • DrWhax - DiRiWa
  • DrWhax - ossleaks
  • Dorien Zandburgen - hacker communities and how we got here
  • webmind - something mathy
  • Robert M Ochshorn - compression of information

Longer Talks

  • phicoh - Simple interfacing or Routing audio and video signals for a volunteer radio/television channel

Volunteers / Tasks

  • Becha: opening the doors 13-17 / making tea / doing shoping
  •  ?? : collecting donations
  • XX: opening the doors 17-18
  • XY: opening the doors 18-19
  • YX: opening the doors 19-20
  • ZZ: opening the doors 20-22

Links/Other Information