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Participants Narya
Skills Software, Social Networking, Common sense, Cryptography, Learning
Status Active
Niche Software
Purpose Education


  • Make my laptop more MY laptop (and my e-mail.. my calendar... backup... social networks... and well, anything really)
  • Document it. A summary will be placed somewhere on this wiki including relevant links. I'll document it as a sort of diary on my own blog (
  • Achieve more privacy in your own virtual environment


I do not have to explain this, or do I?


What did I do so far

To the tech savvy people this is probably just basic stuff, but for me it isn't and I guess it isn't for the average internet user

  • Checked the tickbox to encrypt my home directory (Ubuntu)
  • Use DuckDuckGo in stead of google search
  • Removed the mail forwarding to google mail and switched back to my own provider. That doesn't help - link to news item data retention here -. Actually you need to install your own mail server
  • SSH tunnel to encrypt internet traffic from another network (e.g. a public wifi spot) to a place I trust more
  • Installed HTTPSeverywhere - make use of https as much as possible
  • Tomboy notes with rsync in stead of Evernote
  • Created a PGP key and set the default settings to "encrypt mail" for the people who are already in my list (key ring)
  • To take a look at: several plugins for my web browser

To do

  • A lot
  • Have fun and not become too paranoid (I already noticed that you get aware of many issues when you dive into this)
  • Be realistic: if you have a secret, don't put it on the interweb or on your computer