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Participants Narya
Skills mechanics
Status Planning
Niche Mechanics
Purpose Fun

Renovation of a Mini Special from 1977. It is now stored in a barn in Noord Holland. Depending on a suitable and affordable location near Amsterdam this project will start somewhere in 2016. The mini hasn't driven for 18 years. Back then only the "koppakking" was broken. It has been parked indoors all the time, but nevertheless some parts might need replacement. The motor probably has to be cleaned after standing still for so long.

Brake cylinders are probably seized after 18 years, all liquids need to be refreshed. Pretty sure battery is dead.

The idea is to make it electric.


  • a mini
  • replacement parts for interior
  • manuals
  • English tools (maybe, need to check where these are)

To do:

  • Template:Strikethrough
  • The car will be moved to Almere Oosterwold in about two years (e.t.a. 2020)
  • Inventory of (broken) parts
  • read stuff about using parts of an electric Smart
  • ...

People who showed interest

  • Jinx
  • Julf
  • Wouter
  • Narya
  • rad0