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To fund the space we need members who can pay a monthly fee to help pay for rent and services.

At the moment we rent the Temp Inc space on the vijzelgracht. From the second half of October, 2012, we will be moving to the ACTA space at Louwesweg 1.


For the ACTA space we are looking at a cost of ~1100 Euros monthly for rent and services.


  • The space will be run at cost
  • Any surplus will be saved and either go towards new tooling/components or saving for a future space

Membership Pricing Guidelines

Please note, the space is funded solely from these membership fees. The following represents the current guidelines. These could change depending on our funding situation, but the hope is that this model will be inclusive to people of all incomes/backgrounds.

Tech Inc propose to operate a 'pay what you can' scheme. There will be a suggested recommended amount which we hope all members can meet. The recommended amount will be set at a level that ensures we cover our costs.

  • If you intend to only use the space once in a while, if at all, then please feel free to pay a representative amount which is lower than the recommended amount
  • The more you use the space, the more we would expect you to pay to help cover the running costs.

Pricing Guideline:

  • minimum amount to become a member should be 5 EUR per month
  • recommended amount is currently 20 EUR month
  • if you cannot afford to pay anything but would still like to be a member of the community, please approach the board.

Membership benefits

  • Access to the space - if its available from the owners, Mediamatic will be open most evenings, weekends and hopefully some afternoons. The ACTA space has been confirmed 24/7
  • Storage space for members at the ACTA space
  • Access to the [Inventory|machines/tools available in the space]
  • Ability to hold workshops and support for that

Current level of Commitment

Mediamatic Target: 500EUR per month ACTA Target: 900EUR per month

As of 13-04-2012 members who have committed to membership so far: 29

Monthly total: 669 EUR

Initial one-off donation: 420 EUR

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