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To fund the space we need members who can pay a monthly fee to help pay for rent and services.

At the moment we rent the ACTA space at Louwesweg 1.

Membership benefits

  • Becoming a part of our diverse and knowledgeable community
  • Access to the ACTA space, which is 24/7 - see Keys
  • Storage space for members at the ACTA space
  • Access to the machines/tools available in the space
  • Ability to hold workshops and support for that
  • Helping support our community to pay for and run the space

Membership Pricing Guidelines

  • Please note, the space is funded solely from these membership fees.
  • The following represents the current guidelines.
    • These could change depending on our funding situation, but the hope is that this model will be inclusive to people of all incomes/backgrounds.

Tech Inc propose to operate a 'pay what you can' scheme. There will be a suggested recommended amount which we hope all members can meet. The recommended amount will be set at a level that ensures we cover our costs.

  • If you intend to only use the space once in a while, if at all, then please feel free to pay a representative amount which is lower than the recommended amount
  • The more you use the space, the more we would expect you to pay to help cover the running costs.

Pricing Guideline:

  • Minimum amount to become a member should be 5 EUR per month
  • Recommended amount is currently 25 EUR month (This is what we need on average per member to be able to pay the rent and bills)
  • if you cannot afford to pay anything but would still like to be a member of the community, please approach the board.

Becoming a Member

You need to do the following

  • Fill out a membership form - can be found in the library or you can download it here File:Techincmembership.pdf File:Techincmembership.odt.
  • Setup a monthly bank transfer and send an email to registration@techinc.nl with the reference you used to pay - for example your name followed by 'techinc'.
  • If you request an RFID-fob to access the building, we will require a copy of your ID; name and picture only. The copy will be _stored by us_, safely. It is required of us by the building-owners in case of break-ins, etc.
  • If you requested and RFID-fob and/or key to the space-door, you will need to arrange payment for it, either via bank-account or cash. The current cost for the door-key is 3 euros. The RFID-fob is a deposit of 18 euros which you will get back on return of the RFID-FOB.
  • IF YOU REQUESTED AN RFID-FOB, please allow a couple of days for activation.
  • IF YOU REQUESTED AN RFID-FOB, please make sure to introduce yourself some time to Marijke Eckhardt; the young lady sitting in the office downstairs, so she knows you are a 'trusted face'.

In the near future we will have an automated website where you can track your payments etc

If in the future you change the amount you pay each month for membership

  • Please can you email the treasurer (treasurer@techinc.nl) to let him know that you have changed it

Are there any rules?

We have a small list of rules which needs to be followed by every member of the Technologia Incognita hackerspace. You can find them here http://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/Rules

We also have some information for new members for you to look at.


You will need two keys

  • RFID Fob for main door - cost is 18 EUR to be paid to Tech Inc
  • Key for the space door - TBA

the RFID fob can be obtained from a board member - we will need a copy of your ID, as per our rental agreement with the landlord. there is a cost associated for this fob which needs to be paid to techinc.

a key for the space door can be obtained from anyone - just make a copy.

Payment details?

Dutch bankaccountnumber: 
On the name of: Vereniging "Technologia Incognita"
IBAN: NL11ABNA0514978309
Bankname:ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Please include "membership" or "contribution" in the remarks for your payments, along with your nickname.

We prefer if you set up an automatic regular monthly payment, before the 7th of the month, for that month.

Stopping your membership

If someone wants to stop being a member, or their membership stops for some other reasons (based on the rules to be determined later, and linked from here), we will be following a Membership_ending_procedure

How We Communicate

We communication through mailing lists; its recommended that you subscribe to our main 'general mailing list' to keep up with news/events.

See the 'Mailing Lists' page for others, such as 'annouce' etc.

Documentation is done on this wiki.

Member Meetings

We have weekly membership meetings to help with the flow of information. see the events page for the next one.

You can find the minutes for the meetings on the membership meetings.


There are also big all-member meetings: "Algemene Leden Vergadering" (ALV) http://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/Organisation#ALV.27s

See the list of previous ALVs here: Organisation#ALV.27s

What you need to know: OrganisationRulesMembershipSpaceContactDonations