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For sale:

- Corsair RM1000 modular PSU with tons of cables, think miner/server with a lot of GPUs - free, if you tell me what awesome project it will be used for :) user:Andreasr

- 160mm 12V 120W round kapton heater with 100K thermistor, new (they sent me the wrong item). I have 2pcs. View article Make me an offer. User:ultratux

- Set boekenplank speakers, Sony SS-H2600, 35W. Spelen als nieuw, ongelofelijke bak geluid komt uit deze kleine monstertjes, en klinken nog erg mooi ook. User:ultratux

- powerbook g4 12" 384MB ram. Battery holds a charge of ~1 hour.. make me an offer. User:DrWhax

- soekris net4511, make me an offer (I lost screws to hold the case for some reason..) User:DrWhax

- thinkpad x201 mobo (locked bios, flash with coreboot to unlock vt-x/vt-d) make me an offer User:DrWhax

- thinkpad x60s, Core Duo 1.66 GHz 32-bit, 1GB DDR2, 60GB Fujitsu harddrive 5400 rpm. Come's with libreboot and a hardware modification that disables certain DMA attacks. 35 euro. User:DrWhax

- thinkpad x60s, 2x1gb RAM, PC2-5300S for parts. Buy me a couple of drinks at revbank. User:DrWhax

- thinkpad x201, 2x4GB ram makes a total of 8GB. i5 M560, 2.66 GHZ, battery holds between 1.5 to an hour. Come's with a bunch of stickers on the case. You can immediately be cool! 80 euro User:DrWhax