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For sale:

- 160mm 12V 120W round kapton heater with 100K thermistor, new (they sent me the wrong item). I have 2pcs. View article Make me an offer. User:ultratux

- Large (+/- 12 pcs) number of pensloten, mixed brands; Nemef, Zeiss-Ikon, DX. Some with 1 key, most with 2 or 3 keys, some with up to 5 keys. Separate or all together, make me an offer User:ultratux

- Samsung SyncMaster 203B 20" 1400x1050 (SXGA+) TFT screens, two pcs, together or separate, make me an offer User:ultratux

- Set boekenplank speakers, Sony SS-H2600, 35W. Spelen als nieuw, ongelofelijke bak geluid komt uit deze kleine monstertjes, en klinken nog erg mooi ook. User:ultratux

- Very special & expensive cylinder lock IVANA Necoloc magneetcilinder, with 3 keys. I should have the certificate somewhere but I can't find it momentarily. New price was €165... User:ultratux