Mailpile hacknight

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Mailpile hacknight
Date 2014/09/23
Location Techinc
Type Hackathon
Contact Brainsmoke


In case you have not heard of it, Mailpile is a Free / open source email client that makes sending PGP encrypted email easier. Built as a web app, Mailpile is meant to be run locally on your desktop (via GUI web interface) or a CLI, it can also be installed on a server and accessed over the network similar to Gmail.

Mailpile released a Beta last weekend. The projects designer / UX guy [Brennan Novak] is in town so we figured it was a good time for a hacknight :-)

At the time most of the core API's are quite stable and the application works. The core team has been dog fooding Mailpile as their primary email client for months. Things we will go over / tinker on are:

  • Running through installing Mailpile and light usability studies
  • Discovering bugs & reporting them on Github
  • Fixing bugs that have been reported
  • Maybe tinkering on plugins :)

Feel free to email Brennan with any questions & ideas, preferably via PGP encryption. Get my key here:

Who's coming? (not required to fill in)

Not this time

BecHa I would be interested, but I'm not in A'dam on that day ! How about 25th? Or again, without Mailpile developer, just us? Thanks!