Lockpicking II

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Lockpicking II
Date 2013/10/11
Location TechInc
Type Workshop
Contact User:Wizzup

This will be our second Lockpicking workshop, but the first lockpicking workshop with people from TOOOL. They will tell us about the basics of lockpicking.

Start time: 19:30


  • Basics of lockpicking (Theory)
  • DIY (Try to pick a lock)
  • Creating your own lockpicks (Wizzup has done this one or two times and can help. Wizzup also has all the components required to create lockpicks in his box)
  • Buying lockpick sets (if TOOOL brings them)

And, if possible, I would also like to see if we can copy keys - but we need hardware for this, so this is optional and may happen at a later time:

  • Copying keys

I assume that we will have plenty of locks to test on now. But by all means, bring or donate locks if you have any!

The workshop has three main goals:

  • Educating people about lock picking
  • Getting people excited about lock picking.
  • Providing some basic (accessible) lock picking facilities as TechInc.

People attending:

  • Wizzup
  • rad0
  • Control-K
  • Lisette
  • Narya (maybe)
  • Spider
  • r3boot
  • ultratux
  • Stef
  • aquatix
  • ...

People giving workshops / from TOOOL:

  • Wizzup (Can help creating your own lockpicks, not from TOOOL)
  • Three TOOOL humanoids