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Participants Becha
Skills Programming, community building, open source projects, presenting
Status Planning
Niche Software
Purpose World domination

Karma server is needed to rate the mailing lists posts (and/or other "content"), with the goal to share the ratings with "friends", within one or more communities. And to enable serch within

One of the usages is to enable mail clients (and/or mailing list servers) do the ratings; to interact with the karma server, to upload and download ratings; also to choose people whose ratings I want to follow;

This is a useful feature for several large communities that have many mailing lists (RIPE, NANOG, IETF); but also fo any smaller community (for example, hackerspace) that communicates via mailing lists. Using the karma server would lower the barrier for participation (since it is easier to rate "=1" or "-1" then to emial "mee too", or even more constructive post..).

What needs to be done: - write SW for karma server - write patches that modify email clients - promote the usage of this in several communities (29c3! ripe meeting, nanog meeting / lists, ietf...) - write an RFC about it... - maintain the "github" / open source repository of the SW

Similar implementations: - "slashdot" -- only on the web - Facebook... - ripe ncc has the rating of posts, on the closed web app, only for wg-chairs

People involved: - Becha - Arnd - Eile Aben