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What (TLDR;)

Beer-appreciation-party at Justa's place.

27th of December 2018 17:00 - 01:00 (?) or sleepover.

Gouden Leeuw 904

Contact: bbb@sociallife.org for questions, or +31 6 41541630!

We'll order in foodstuffs for people that come early. Please contact me asap about this


Over the past year(s), both me (Justa) and Vesna have been taking numerous weird beers back with us from weird places we've been to.

A lot of this has been sitting in fridges or cabinets, patiently waiting for that perfect moment to be opened, shared and approved/dissaproved of.

The time has come to fix this... at least in part.

There's more beer than you can swing a dead cat at, as the ancient Finnish proverb goes.

This doesn't mean that you're not allowed to bring your own special finds, curious brews or other weirdnesses for sharing and partaking! Please do!


Justa's appartment in the Bijlmer, the center of the world, the middle-point of all that is cool and happening, the hipster-spot of 2019 and onwards.

Not really.

But yeah, Gouden Leeuw 904 is where it's at.


You get there by taking the metro 53 and get off at Ganzenhoef. Walk out to the right side and then right again. With the metro on your left, walk till you come to a bikepath; follow that to the right.

There'll be a sign pointing left 'Gouden Leeuw', just before you cross under a glass-fronted foot-bridge. In the crook between the bridge and the building on your left is the entrance. Go in, walk through the corridors until the split; turn RIGHT there.. I am in the tower with numbers 900+ on the ground floor. Doorbell's next to the door itself.


Do not trust your GPS if it tells you to drive into the park over the bike-roads. Park at the front of the complex, in the parking-garage or infront of it. Free parking available all around.


Find aforementioned bike-path at metro. Turn left and follow bikepath with complex on your right side. All the way at the back, you will come to find a garden on your right. Find entrance-gate and politely knock on the backdoor to be let in ;)


If you found this URL, you're welcome ! If I sent you this URL, you're welcome ! If you want to suggest others , you're welcome !

Just let me know about it first ;)

What to bring ;)

Snacks and (good) beers!

I dont care so much about the snacks, but the beers need to be non-straightforward-beers. If you think 'Heineken, unfiltered' falls under that catagory, I hereby retract your invitation ;)